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17th August 2022 

Being a Counsellor

More about Counselling (Person-Centred). I also offer counselling through Skype or FaceTime

Being able to talk with a counsellor, who is unconnected to you or your life, without judgement or prejudice can enable you to openly explore your thoughts, feelings and concerns. It can help you to consider decisions and look at life in a different way, empowering you to find your own self–knowledge and insight.

Counselling is a journey of discovery, which can help you to look at recurring patterns or past relationships which may be continuing to affect you. It offers a safe and confidential place to develop a deeper understanding of yourself.

Counselling is for anyone who wants to look at life, bring about change and empower themselves to embark on a positive path of resolving difficulties, often utilising the strengths and abilities they may not realise they already have or those they develop during the counselling process.

In person-centred counselling we work together to build a trusting relationship, which enables you to share difficult issues, and supports and empowers you as you develop an understanding of your life and past influences.

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