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17th August 2022 

Frequently Asked Questions & Testimonials

How does Counselling help?

I believe that counselling can help you to look at the issues or difficulties you might be facing in your life and help you to overcome obstacles, bringing about the changes you wish to make.

How often do I need to see you?

I usually meet with clients weekly although this can be discussed to suit your needs. Each session last 60 minutes and costs 40.00 (individuals) or 50.00 (couples). I also offer a limited number of lower cost places dependent upon circumstances ~ please ask.

How long does it take?

Not an easy question to answer as this very much depends on what issues you bring. We are all individuals and therefore explore our issues and concerns at differing paces. We will review the sessions together as we go along and decide whether to end or continue working.

What if I can’t come to you?

Don’t worry; If you can let me know as soon as possible there will be no charge but, if you seem to cancel regularly this may have to be discussed.


"With Barbara’s help I managed to get through a difficult time in my life. Barbara made me feel that I could tell her anything in confidence and she helped me to work out my own problems whilst always being there to offer guidance and support. Speaking to Barbara helped me make a lot of positive changes in my life and I now feel I can cope with more of the difficulties life throws at me."
Lucy (London)

" I would not be where I am today if it wasn't for Barbara. I was going through some tough and scary stuff and the support she gave me helped me no end! She helped me to realise that I could get through this, not by telling me, just by understanding me and helping me to get to the root of my issues. Barbara offers a very relaxed environment to which I found it easy to open up. She helped give me the confidence to understand that I can take charge of my life and get myself to where I want to be. Thank you Barbara!"
Jen (Bucks)

Barbara helped me to look at my life choices to think about me. I explored why I did and thought the way I did it's really changed me and my life for the better.
Changed person Bucks